The Salary Cap Experience


Make the most of your Scout School experience by registering for the Salary Cap Experience. This experience has been designed to introduce attendees to the league salary cap including player contracts, trade rules, exceptions and managing long-term team strategy during the two-day program. We have created a detailed itinerary to provide an impactful learning experience.

No matter what your passion is, the journey into the basketball world starts at Pro Scout School. Follow your dreams and learn from the best in the industry.

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Topics Discussed:

– Salary Cap Concepts and History
– Roster Management (Team Salaries, Player Contracts, and Exceptions)
– Changes to the CBA
– Rationale & Functioning of the League Salary Cap
– Luxury Tax and Revenue Sharing
– What Goes Into Player Contracts
– G League (Two-way Contracts)
– Cap Holds and Roster Charges


Rich Cho

VP of Basketball Strategy, Memphis Grizzlies

Rich Cho has served as General Manager for two NBA teams. He most recently served as the general manager of the Charlotte Hornets. Prior to the Hornets, Cho was the general manager of the Portland Trail Blazers and the assistant general manager of the Oklahoma City Thunder. Among many strengths his areas of expertise include player acquisitions, salary cap management and compliance with league rules and the collective bargaining agreement.


Keith Smith

Yahoo Sports NBA

Keith Smith is a salary cap and CBA expert who writes for Yahoo Sports. Smith also hosts the NBA Front Office podcast, which focuses on all things roster building, including player scouting, the NBA Draft, NBA free agency and the NBA Gatorade League. He also covers the Boston Celtics for SBNation’s CelticsBlog and the NBA in general for FanRag Sports.


Who are the Experiences For?

  • Individuals looking to pursue their dream in an NBA Front Office
  • Current professionals or students seeking to expand their skill set and network

How will we select the participants?

  • The application process is designed to create the best learning experience for all participants

What differentiates the GM Experience from Scout School?

  • You receive additional sessions after Pro Scout School concludes each day
  • The GM Experience provides direct introductions to decision makers in the NBA


  • Intimate Learning Experience

    Each experience will provide 20 selected participants with the opportunity for roundtable discussions with the top executives in their field.

  • Unparalleled Access to Top Executives

    Sit with presenters to discuss your goals and direction to achieve your desired career path.

  • Q&A Opportunity

    Ability to ask questions throughout the two sessions.