Participant Testimonials

We’ve been fortunate to help many individuals learn and further their career in basketball. Scout School has a track record of helping attendees pursue their dreams as scouting, coaching, player development, agency and analytics.


Danny Mills

Philadelphia 76ers

“Pro Scout School gave me a unique insight into the workings of an NBA Front Office. I gained an in-depth knowledge of how the NBA identifies and evaluates talent, which has been invaluable to me in my job as an International Scout. Furthermore, the conference provided me an unparalleled opportunity to meet and interact with the guest speakers, of whom many are important decision makers within the NBA. It was a great place for me to meet and connect with others in the basketball works and build my network of contacts. Considering the huge success of last year’s Pro Scout School, I can’t wait for this year’s conference and the anticipated line up of speakers.”


Kenneth Colombe

Basketball Operations Intern
Indiana Pacers

“I was very fortunate to be a part of the Pro Scout School GM Experience. It opened my eyes not only to responsibilities of a General Manager, but also life of the entire front office. It made the NBA real to me. Also the networking events were extremely helpful by putting me in front of people already with NBA teams in varying degrees. I was able to use the connections I made at Pro Scout School to help put me in a position to get a basketball operations internship with the Indiana Pacers. I still keep up with many of my fellow PSS constituents in the league or not. Pete and Charlie have really setup something special.”


Oliver Krause

Basketball Analytics Associate
Orlando Magic

“I can safely say I would not be where I am today without TPG Sports Group. I knew where I wanted to go in basketball, but I had a lot to learn about how to get there. Pete has been a fantastic mentor and teacher for me helping me achieve my goals. If you want to work in basketball, and you haven’t explored TPG’s options, you are playing at a disadvantage. Not just for scouts, TPG has the tools for coaches, agents, and everyone else in basketball operations to succeed. With focus spanning the NBA, to College, Olympic Teams, and International ball, the education offered is top-notch. But even more important is the relationships you can build. Not only are the speakers are elite–including NBA GMs and high-end European coaches–but the attendees are some of the future leaders of basketball. I am still close with many people I met during the GM Experience. I highly recommend TPG Sports Group to anyone who wants to work in basketball.”


Daniel Bisaccio

Assistant Video Coordinator
Miami Heat

“People looking to work in the NBA often start by asking the question, “How do I get my foot in the door?” As someone asking that same question last year, attending Pro Scout School not only helped me secure my internship with the Miami Heat, but the knowledge it provided me with are things I now use on a daily basis. The experienced panel gave us insights and background to the NBA and what their jobs entailed so that helped paint a picture for what it takes to work in professional basketball. The Pro Scout School also opened doors to networking opportunities within our areas of interest. I look forward to attending this year’s conference and the opportunities it will give me to network and expand my knowledge in the game of basketball.”


Tyler Lashbrook

Head Video Coordinator
Philadelphia 76ers

“I wouldn’t have landed my internship with the Philadelphia 76ers had I not attended Pro Scout School. I think it’s a must-attend event for anyone looking to work in professional basketball.”

Devin Smith Scout School

Devin Smith

Player Development

Phoenix Suns

Pete has a wealth of knowledge about the inner workings of the NBA. Having him as a mentor is an invaluable experience. He gives the advice you need to hear and not always what you want to hear. That’s the way it should be.

Nick Plosser Scout School

Alex Alubankudi

NBA Africa

“To be honest, I was skeptical about Scout School at first, but still came with an open mind and an eagerness to learn. The different panels are phenomenal because of their unique backgrounds, willingness to give advice, and you can tell what they say is genuine. It’s a great networking event not only because of the speakers, but also the like-minded attendees. I’ve been able to build relationships with good people who are still friends and mentors today. Lastly, “Pro Scout School” has directly and indirectly led me to amazing opportunities. If possible, I’ll attend every year.”

Nick Plosser Scout School

Conrad Chow

Canada Basketball Analytics

“Attending Pro Scout School in 2016 was a launching point to understanding the inner workings of the professional basketball industry and the importance of networking and bringing “added-value” – I still remember Pete’s words of “it’s not who you know, it’s who knows you”. Additionally, I was truly grateful for the opportunity to take part in the GM Experience, in which I gained practical knowledge and was able to utilize the lessons learned in my current academic endeavors and basketball involvement. I thank Pete and the rest of the TPG staff for tailoring the content and making it a must-attend experience.”

Nick Plosser Scout School

Matt Gruskin

Basketball Operations Intern
Indiana Pacers

“Scout School delivers a great learning experience for anyone looking to get started in the NBA or simply become more knowledgeable about the game of basketball and what takes place behind the scenes. With speakers ranging from scouts to coaches and GMs, Scout School provides an inside look at what goes into draft and trade decisions, salary cap management, player development programs, and more. I would highly recommend attending, soaking up knowledge from top executives, and networking at this unique experience.”

Nick Plosser Scout School

Nick Plosser

Dir. of Basketball Operations
Long Beach State University

“Attending Pro Scout School literally changed my career trajectory. During the International Scout Panel, Tony Ronzone announced that the NBA was looking for coaches to go to India and conduct clinics. I sent him my resume and 3 months later I was in India working my first professional job. Pro Scout School allowed me a window into the inner workings of NBA basketball and access to current NBA professionals working at all levels of the League.The variety of information and personnel were things I would’ve never been able to have access to otherwise. The live-scout and feedback were particularly helpful. TPG put together an incredible amount of information and insight into two days. Pro Scout School is essential to anyone seeking to work in basketball at any level. And Coach Fraschilla was awesome!”

Nick Plosser Scout School

Andrew Kang

Video Coordinator
Eastern Michigan Men’s Basketball

“Pro Scout School was a great experience and should be attended by anyone that is thinking of a job in the NBA or basketball in general.  The conference gives you invaluable insight of life in the NBA. It’s a great event that allows everyone to network and meet professionals that work in the league every day. I work with Eastern Michigan Men’s Basketball as the video coordinator, and I utilize the lessons I have learned at Pro Scout School every day.”

Nick Plosser Scout School

Austin Harader

Sacramento Kings

Pro Scout School provides an incredible networking opportunity and learning experience for anybody that attends, no matter your experience level. The amount of basketball knowledge shared at this event is unmatched. Pete Philo and his many great panelists were able to show me what was needed to get to the next level in my career. I made connections that will last a lifetime over the two summers I attended Pro Scout School.  I will carry all the valuable knowledge and connections I have made with me wherever I go in my career. It was an experience I will always remember and I hope to attend again in the future.”

Nick Plosser Scout School

Arthur Moreira

Dir. of Basketball Operations
University of San Francisco

“I had the opportunity to connect with multiple people that I am still in touch with. Pete has been great with following up and always open to give career advice! Learning how important relationships are had a tremendous positive impact in my career. Made me a better coach and better recruiter.”

Nick Plosser Scout School

Bobby Bourhis

Associate Editor, Social Moments
Bleacher Report

“The Pro Scout School is a great first step to break into the sports industry. The panel of speakers were amazing, informative and more than willing to answer any and all questions about scouting and/or working in the NBA. I give credit to this event for helping give me direction in terms of how I wanted to get started in my professional career and I plan on attending again in the future.”

Nick Plosser Scout School

EJ Kusnyer

Vice President
Haight Brand Sports

“TPG provided a career changing experience for me.  It provided the perfect combination of learning and networking that every person expecting to find success in the sports industry needs.  Pete and his team put you in a position to build real relationships and continue to help cultivate them long after the event is over.  In October, I was an attendee at the Agent School, and in May I was apart of an NBA Pro Day with one of the speakers and another attendee that was attended by 20 NBA personnel.  That’s the real value of what TPG provides to anyone attending one of their events.”

Nick Plosser Scout School

Arjun Mahendroo

Basketball Operations Coordinator
‎Milwaukee Bucks

“TPG Agent School is an extremely unique opportunity to learn the behind-the-scenes of being an NBA Agent. Nothing will be sugar-coated; all glitz and glamour aside, you will get the true, raw extent of the sacrifices necessary to succeed as an agent. For those who want to pursue this career, there is nothing more valuable than this information, straight from the agents themselves. Additionally, having the chance to network and build relationships with those within the industry is priceless. This is a great learning opportunity and I’d highly recommend TPG’s Agent School to not only those who want to be agents, but also those who want to enter the sports industry in general.”

Nick Plosser Scout School

Ford Higgins

Game Reviewer

The knowledge gained and relationships made from my experiences both attending and volunteering at Pro Scout School have been invaluable as I started and continue my career in professional basketball. It helped me get my first NBA internship, and I lean on lessons from PSS every time I watch a game. Pete Philo puts on a phenomenal event that will always teach you something new, and I recommend it to anyone interested in scouting, regardless of experience level.

Nick Plosser Scout School

Max Goldstein

Men’s Basketball Manager
University of Arizona

I would like to thank Pete Philo and the TPG staff for inspiring me to follow my dreams. After attending the 2016 General Manager Experience, I became heavily involved with the Atlanta Entertainment Basketball League and secured a Manager Position with the Arizona Men’s Basketball Team. This exclusive experience laid out a foundation for the type of success I am looking to achieve in my life through basketball. I will forever cherish the connections I made and the knowledge I learned throughout the weekend.”

Nick Plosser Scout School

Paul Alvarez

Graduate Student Manager
Texas A&M Women’s Basketball

“Pro Scout School gave me the opportunity to learn from the best talent-evaluators in basketball. Pete Philo and Tony Ronzone trained my eyes to see the intricacies within a player; this sets my evaluations apart from others who have not had such training.”

Nick Plosser Scout School

Harley Fuller

Graduate Assistant Basketball Coach
Mount Saint Mary’s University

“The advice, and overall mentorship that Pete has provided me with, has helped me understand what it takes to be successful in the world of basketball and been very valuable to my career. Additionally, attending his events has allowed me to enhance my knowledge of player development, player evaluation, and statistical analysis, both of which have proven to be extremely valuable in my current position at Mount St. Mary’s University.”